Fire Best LLC is the biggest and best-known sawdust briquette charcoal manufacturer in Ukraine.  Our factory with the latest technology has given many years of experience  produce high quality , %100 natural and eco friendly sawdust briquette charcoal.

We produce high quality square and hexagonal shape sawdust briquette charcoal from the oak which is grown on the fertile soil of the Ukraine and export our goods to Turkey, Greece , Britain, Germany , France and all Europe.

Our modern carbonization process produces strong and high density charcoal. Its unique hexagonal shape provides efficiendt storage, wide surgace area and easy stacking of charcoal during usage. The round hole that runs through the middle ensures air inflow for efficient burning.

Our products are made ​​from 100% sawdust (wood shavings). No additives and chemicals used. Completely environmentally friendly, smokeless and odorless.